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It all started as a very casual hobby, a Tumblr blog. It quickly became a sort of an obsession. It wasn’t planned, it evolved to what it is now over time. Now, it’s hard for me to imagine browsing the internet without Googling every single good looking woman I come across to see what she looks like in a mini skirt, short dress, shorts. Of course, collecting and sorting those images, trying to find them in a decent quality and size and having them ready for posting, for all my fellow mini skirts lowers.

And to be clear, it’s not of a sexual nature. Not even a little bit. OK, maybe just a tiny little bit. But primarily and most importantly, it’s about women’s beauty. It’s about fashion. Shapes and curves. Everything that pleases the eye.

Because admit it or not, all women are beautiful. All sizes, ages, shapes, ethnicities and backgrounds. There’s something beautiful in each and every one of them.

Some are celebrities. Actresses, models, TV hosts. Singers, athletes. Some are everyday girls next door. Girlfriends, mothers and sisters, neighbours from a floor above yours.


So as I’ve said, it started as a Tumblr blog. Then it grew into the Twitter page, then Facebook. So now, 45k Tumblr followers, 1.8k Twitter followers and 1.1k Facebook subscribers later, it’s time to try something new.

And we all know how we like voting, ranking, comparing, expressing our preferences and taste. We even added a forum, so that we can all get together and socialize connected by same passion for beauty,

So enjoy, don’t forget to subscribe to our Social Media pages and looking forward to your feedback via the Contact link above!