Growing & Growing – 1200 ladies and counting!

kBTi25z 750x381

It’s been a while since we updated the site last, but WE ARE BACK! And this time, we’re bringing you A LOT of new ladies in their mini skirts, shorts, little dresses, heels and whatnot!

The total count in 1200 now, believe it or not! That’s tons of beautiful pictures to Rate or Battle between!

There are too many of them to mention, so check Competitors section to see who is new. And be ready to do a lot of clicking!

Also, don’t forget to check our Tumblr page, that’s where all of these ladies are posted as well! To stay updated, make sure you also follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Finally, it’s really about time to bring some life to our Forums section, or if you have anything to say, just go to Contact! We are very open to any suggestions, feedback and anything else!

Enjoy and happy voting!

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